Egypt Allure

is an author who was born and raised in New York City and because of her love for traveling to learn about new and exciting places; considers herself a wanderlust explorer. A fun-loving and carefree young woman, who has always been eager to try new things, she found that the books she was reading tended to be too boring, dry and lacked the excitement she craved. So, instead of looking for something else, she decided to write some of her own.

Now she spends much of her time creating romance, fantasy and erotic novels that are fast becoming known as books that uninhibitedly push the boundaries with their blend oflustful, raunchy, raw and unfiltered passion, all with a dose of fun running through them to give them that edginess, that…. something different from the norm.

When she isn’t writing and creating, in her free time Egypt loves to travel to places distant and nearer to home, meeting interesting new people, savoring their cultures, cooking and finding adventure wherever she treads. She is a huge music fan, listening to an eclectic range of styles, and enjoys chilling in the evenings with a good movie.

Egypt’s ultimate aim is to entertain her readers with captivating and unforgettable stories that broaden the mind, body and soul but she is also keen to push her own boundaries and improve on what she already does so that she can expand her rapidly growing fan base even further and bring the joy of her books to as many people as possible.